Coming up in November, we have Edwin Solis, Daniel Rodriguez, and Victor Landeta fighting for 3 MMA titles at the Aggressive Combat Championships. Daniel Rodriguez is on the cusp of going pro so this fight will help sharpen his skills for the jump to pro.  Coming off of a win Edwin is looking to keep that momentum going. Victor is getting back in the cage after getting a taste for victory years ago in his first couple of fights. Tickets will be available soon.

It’s all about repetitions!  I’ve been asked several times by parents about what can be done to help their child improve. To put it simply, they just have to keep showing up.  The more times a week your child is showing up to class, the faster progress you’re going to see.  For kids who are eligible, the Lions of Leadership Program is going to be another way to skyrocket your child’s progress. In this program kids will spend more time on the mat and begin to learn more advanced techniques with more individual attention. If you want to know more about our Lions of Leadership Program, see us at the front desk.

Lions of Leadership Open Mat is Every Sunday at HQ and this Month on October 14th at Jungle Gym New Rochelle. These are great training sessions so do your best to be there.

So I’ve been asked recently about how one can speed up their progress. The simple answer is show up.  The more time you’re spending on the mat, the more progress you’re going to see.   It’s simply through doing more repetitions of the techniques that they start to become second nature. So make sure that you guys are showing up to class throughout the week where we go over and drill techniques and show up to the Open Mats, where you guys will get some live rolling. So to sum it all up in the simplest way possible, Just train!

“Who’s the Weak Link”

One of the ladies asked this question during a particularly tough workout. She had noticed that one of the other ladies had changed the weight she was using and had forgotten to put it back, prompting her to ask the question. Now in this women’s defense her recent exposure to our rough and tumble MMA classes had left her a little jaded in her language,all the same as the coach it was my duty to remind here of the very same truth I’m about to pass on to you all.

There are no weak links.Every lady within the program is working as hard as she can towards that healthier lifestyle and compare her progress to someone else or ridicule there hard work is wrong. So always remember:
“Compete only on yourself AND never feel sorry for yourself”.

Student spotlight goes to:  
Our latest alpha competitor contest winner Francis Jimenez.  We give this award out every quarter to the most active competitor.  Congrats on winning a sponsorship for your next competition.
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