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Some of the Jungle Gym family after a hard day of training

My name is Justin “Chim-Chim” Garcia.  I own and operate Jungle Gym Martial Arts here in the Bronx, and for years I’ve worked my tail off trying to help our kids beat the streets. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been tried and tested in martial arts tournaments for decades, and most recent in no-holds barred promotions like the UFC.  The reason why I use Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as the basis for my Kids MMA program is because with Jiu-Jitsu you can control a situation.

Without the use of violence!

With a curriculum focusing on position control and escapes, The Jungle Gym will teach your child how to “push someone away” or “hold someone down” as a first resort, rather than the barbaric “gauge him in the eyes/kick him in the groin” approach that most traditional martial arts take. In our Kids MMA program, violence is taught to be avoided at all costs, and minimized when necessary. In an ever-growing world of lawsuits and zero-tolerance policies, we understand the need to equip our children with the right tools to defend themselves.  Why teach them brutal, destructive techniques that can’t be trained full force, when Jiu-jitsu is safer and more effective anyway? We don’t cater to the natural athletes or the “Coach’s kid” here.  At the Jungle Gym we know that every child can be a champion…. And we are committed to give each one of them the attention and instruction to bring out their best.

Call us right now.  Let our full-time, professional team make your child a success!

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Guidance at the Jungle Gym—early and often!

Let’s save our kids from the streets!

The Jungle Gym has battled to help kids beat the streets for years.  It’s the combination of our award-winning

Life Skills Program and our commitment to making kids succeed that has us winning the “War against quitting!”

Life is hard and our kids need the tools to help them get over the hump.The numbers speak for themselves:

  • More than Half of NY’s high school students DROP OUT!
  •  Most kids who don’t drop out take more than 4 years  to graduate!
  • Private schools average $15 thousand a year!


Now don’t get me wrong, great parenting can go a long way, but in our age of single parent households—or with two parents who are forced to work to try and get ahead, not every parent has the time to think straight, let alone spend the hours a day necessary to instill major life skills like:

  • Discipline
  • Perseverance
  • Determination
  • Teamwork


Since joining the Jungle Gym, Kenneth has improved in both school and confidence level.  The coaches have taught him it’s never ok to quit and I know He’ll be with the Jungle Gym for years to come-Darwin Cruz, Jungle Gym Parent

Well, I have a suggestion for all you hard-working, well-intentioned parents:

 Let the Jungle Gym help!

Call us right now.  Let our full-time, professional

team make your child a success!

(718) 684-5138

Look, I know you want the best for your child, and never has it been more important for

kids to get the head start on life that they deserve!  I, being a parent myself, understand that and am here to help!

With our Mixed Martial Arts Program, your child will learn:

  • Confidence
  • Self Respect
  • Courtesy
  • Discipline
  • Concentration

The list goes on an on!  And that’s not all—your child will do all this at the

Jungle Gym along with the #2 rated kids team in the country! That’s not an exaggeration or a typo

We’ve been at this for a while—we are serious professionals when

it comes to helping our kids get ahead.

Kids MMA
Jungle Gym Kids Working to Be Their BEST!

Martial Arts Kids
Jungle Gym Kids Growing Stronger Every Day!


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I’m the guy who founded the Jungle Gym with the hopes of creating the best kids academy in the country!

After receiving a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and fighting MMA professionally,

I decided to sit down and design…

The most effective Kids mma Program on the planet!

I spent months re-examining the knowledge I’ve amassed during my MMA career.

From training with the Gracie family, to helping the UFC fighters prepare for battle,

I’ve just about seen it all!  It’s this experience that I’ve compressed and refined into…


Seven things a kid needs to know about self-defense

1.  Striking
2. Clinching
3. Takedowns
4. Top offense
5. Bottom Offense
6. Escapes
7. Kimono

Now from these seven chapters,

I went even further into detail and

created what I call the…

Fighting Fifty, Techniques for success

Now, what are the “Fighting Fifty” you ask? HA! I have to save some of the secrets for class!

Just be certain that your child is guaranteed to learn…

The best martial arts on the planet!


Every kid goes for the black belt at the Jungle Gym!


We respect your email privacy

Call us right now.  Let our full-time,

professional team make your child a success!

(718) 684-5138

PS:  I’m so confident you’ll love what the

Jungle Gym can do for your child that I’ll

refund the whole first month

if you’re dissatisfied!

Now that’s confidence!


We respect your email privacy

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[…] The Jungle Gym Martial Arts youth program was on fire this past December. We claimed yet another title that day, the overall youth title. Our students can claim that not only are they martial artist off the mats but they are legit martial artist on the competition mats as well. Not many youth programs can claim both but the Jungle Gym can. This is why we will remain the standard for MMA in the Bronx. If you want your child to learn legitimate MMA techniques while also learning the lifeskills necessary to become a champion off the mat than you cannot go wrong with Jungle Gym Martial Arts! […]

[…] Jungle Gym Martial Arts is sending 200 competitors to Grappler’s Quest this March. Grappler’s Quest is the largest grappling tournament in the world. 200 would be the largest grappling team ever assembled the previous record was held by us at 161 competitors. A big part of our team is our kids competition team. On December Jungle Gym Martial Art’s kids competition team took first place this is due to their tremendous work ethic on and off the mats. It is an absolute pleasure to see how far our kids have progressed as competitors and as members of our community! […]

[…] Jungle Gym Martial Arts is going to run its annual summer camp once again for the kids. The Jungle Gym is the only academy in the Bronx that runs a legitimate kids MMA program in the Bronx. We are not going to be taking your children to field trips to Mc donalds like other summer camps. Every minute of our MMA camps are carefully thought out and designed to get the very best out of the children in our community. We will be having biology teachers stopping by, professional artists stopping by and even real MMA fighters teaching some classes during camp. Call 7186845138 and reserve a spot for your child now! […]