Bronx Martial Arts Begins in the Jungle Gym!

An image of a gorilla sports the logo of JUNGLE GYM, the well-known and preeminent Bronx Martial Arts Academy and perhaps the home of MMA in New York. The clientele, however, could not be further from that image as they range from skinny, sixty pound kids to grey-haired seniors, and everyone in between, both male and female, from grade school students to professionals and they are all comprised of every ethnic background one could imagine.
Folks from all walks flock to the academy, which operates seven-days-a-week, offering world class instruction at all levels in mixed martial arts and including the best Bronx Jiu Jitsu from professional black belt instructors. While individuals join and want to learn for a myriad of personal reasons the one thing that they will all ultimately possess will be the ability to fight, fight right and well!

While many clients are first-time novices willing to start from the beginning, there are also many students who are high-level, accomplished practitioners looking to improve and advance their skills.

Mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu jitsu instruction are at the fore but The Bronx Jungle Gym Martial Arts also emphasises strengthening of character and promoting and growing a “…sense of self…”.

Another facet and benefit of practicing these disciplines and following The Jungle Gym programs is the hand-in-glove improvement of one’s own physical fitness. Getting into great shape happens, by definition, without one even being aware. In addition to strength conditioning, proper nutrition is also proffered and preached as an integral part necessary for success not only within the program but as an essential part of daily health and well-being.
The Jungle Gym prides itself on its popular and well-rounded kids program boasting “…one of the best Kids MMA teams in the country…”. Nurturing young people’s daily habits and advocating perseverance are part of this award winning program.

Individual and group sessions are offered and opportunities to join teams for competition at all levels are available and popular. One significant feature of the training program offers insight from inside the world famous, legendary, Royce Gracie’s training camp.
The confidence that Jungle Gym has in its success and programs is exemplified by the “free” offering of ‘on-line’ information and materials which are simply emailed to anyone interested. Their ultimate confidence is the offering of a “47 DAYS FREE” sign-up!