With the summer coming to a close I expect to see a lot of those old faces that were slacking hard to up their attendance again.  Its all good, I expect it every summer. Understand that the Jungle Gym is open all year round.  The standouts that train here all have ONE thing in common. They train with the same CONSISTENCY all year round.  Some people are self motivated.  Some need some sort of pressure in the form of a competition to keep the fire lit.  There are others that just live this life day in and day out.  Being the most POWERFUL version of yourself is the ultimate goal.  Keep this in mind when you are designing your training schedule.

Quick reminder: We have a team open mat from 10am-12pm today.  Make it happen after you read this!

We are just about two weeks away from our next Promotions ceremony!  Promotions will be held on Monday September 18th.  This time around we have two students eligible for their next rank. We have Serenity Reynolds looking to move up to gray belt and Anthony Santana looking to move up to yellow belt. We’re super proud of both students, who’ve both taken the steps necessary to be eligible for their next rank. Both have been turning in their Lifeskill homework every month a long with displaying proficiency with their techniques. They both even competed in our past in house tournament, The PressureQuest.  Students who aren’t getting promoted to their next rank, will be eligible for their mat skill stripes, which we give out every promotion.  Feel free to ask your coaches if you have any questions on promotions, see you guys on the mat!

Lions of Leadership Open Mat is Every Sunday at HQ and This Month on September16th at Jungle Gym New Rochelle. These are great training sessions so do your best to be there.

Promotions are just about two weeks away!  We have several of our teens students eligible for their next rank. Throughout the week you can demonstrate your required techniques to the coaches. If they’re moves that you need some help with feel free to ask your coaches or teammates for help. You guys will have until September 15th to complete your list so make it happen! See you guys on the mat! 

Ladies! Today I want to ask you a question. Its a simple one but the answer is your own. Why do you need a coach? Most would say to teach the workouts, others would say to keep count of the reps, end i even expect a few to even reply they don’t see the value in one. To me the value of a Coach is that external source of pressure.That person who’ll push us when things get to easy and encourage us when things get hard. To me the value of a Coach could not be undersold keep that in mind the next time your coach tries to pressure you..

Master Jules and Master Bill
I usually do not give a spot light to black belts because they do need the pat on the head.  I was motivated to do so, because I was running Summer camps this week and was able to see the morning sessions and catch Master Jules and Bill show up, when the younger bucks could not be bothered with getting better that morning.  They got some good training in that day.  This is a lifestyle for them.  Their competitive years are behind them, but they enjoy training because it keeps them sharp and it is a great lifestyle. We also discussed that it keeps us away from bad habits lol!